California based LED lighting company Soraa have announced something “disruptive” to the industry. They report that their new product is the Soraa LED MR16 bulb has better performance than a traditional MR16 lamp. Below is a tidbit of the announcement.

Soraa, the world’s leading developer of GaN on GaNTM – gallium nitride on gallium nitride – solid-state lighting technology, today announced the launch of its flagship product, the Soraa LED MR16 lamp. The new product is the first LED lamp to provide superior performance to a traditional halogen MR16…The Soraa LED MR16 lamp based on GaN on GaNTM technology represents a revolutionary breakthrough in lighting technology: LED 2.0.

This announcement is big news for a number of reasons. The Soraa LED MR16 produces less heat, so no fan is necessary. It also has a much faster payback period. The full announcement is here, on the Soraa website.