Good lighting is an essential part of selling art. But powering dozens of incandescent par lamps can be expensive. Not to mention the heat they create, which can add to cooling costs.

APS, an Arizona power services provider, highlights the benefits of  LED lighting for Windrush Art Gallery in Sedona, CA. The case study shows projected payback in about 2.5 years and over 188,000 kWh of power consumption savings over the life of the LED system – about $15,000 in savings at 8¢ per kWh.


A new cut always feels good, but here’s one that feels REALLY good.

EC&M just published a great case study telling how a stylish salon in NYC is saving big with LED lighting. By integrating Phoster Industries’ Par20 and Par30 lamps, they are saving 74% on their energy bill annually.

That’s more than two bits of savings for a business that requires a good deal of bright lighting. LED technology is boosting this company’s bottom line, and can for any retail business where quality lighting drives operations, and ultimately sales.